Twitter Business Account

Twitter Business Account
Twitter Business Account

When our entire world is slowly shifting online, how can your business not?

A Twitter business account is an account focused to establish your business presence online. These accounts can help you reach a wider audience, interact with your customers and followers and slowly build your professional brand.

Having a Twitter account specified for business can help improve your business visibility, improve your follower engagement, keep track and measure your success and manage your brand better.

The blog will cover the benefits of having a Twitter business account, how to best meet your needs, how to set up a Twitter business account, and best practices for using the platform.

What are the benefits of having a business account on Twitter?

Twitter is a dominating social media platform where a user base of 368 million people, most businesses have also shifted to make an established online presence. The importance of online business is unparalleled.

Let's discuss a few of those points.

1. Increased visibility and reach

With the help of Twitter, you can reach a diverse and large base of audience and people from all over the world. By increasing your reach you can connect with new customers while simultaneously increasing their visibility.

2. Brand recognition

Building Brand recognition on Twitter has a plethora of benefits including increased customer loyalty, improved brand awareness, and increased customer trust as well as a distinction from your competitors

3. Improved customer engagement

A business is more likely to be successful when it can connect with its customer base. At Twitter, you can do exactly that with the help of your tweets and retweets as well as customer engagement.

What to consider before you open up a Twitter business account?

From all the benefits mentioned earlier, it is easy to understand how Twitter may help you grow your business.  The first thing to consider would be opening up a separate account for your business from your personal account as this will help customers differentiate between you and your business.

Other things to consider are as follows:

  • Target Audience: Understanding who your target customers are and what they want is paramount as this will help you know what content to post and which message to share.
  • Competition: It is a good idea to look up your competition and how their Twitter business is set up before setting up yours as this will give you clarity on how to differentiate yourself from your competition on the platform.
  • Resources Available: know what your necessary resources are such as time and personnel to effectively manage your account.

Setting up a Twitter business account

Now that we know why to set up a business account, let's find out how. These are the steps you must take to create a business account:

After you’ve filled out this form we proceed to the next step.

After clicking the "Next" button, Twitter will ask you to customize your experience, but it is not necessary to make a selection right now. Click "Next" then press "Sign Up".

Twitter will send an email to verify your account. Once created, add a profile picture that represents your business.

  • After your account has been created, set up your profile picture that meets your business needs. You need to convert your account to a “professional account
  • Go to the "More" button on your profile, and click "Twitter for professionals"
  • Next, select your business category and choose between a Creator or Business account. Creator accounts are for public figures, artists, or freelancers, and Business accounts are better for brands and companies.

Best practices for using a Twitter business account

It's not just enough to create a business account, there are a few things to do to maintain it.

Maintain a good profile picture and a header to give your account a polished and professional look. Make sure your business message comes across nicely in your account, an easy way to achieve this is to set up your Twitter bio which gives a clear idea about your content.

Other steps include,

  • Engaging with followers: To build a strong social presence, engaging with followers is a must! To have a good engagement you should tweet, retweet, and comment!
  • Share valuable content: Share valuable content that is relevant to your business.


To sum up our article, Twitter Business Account is an amazing tool to help your business grow and easily manage online. It will also give you brand recognition, and increase your customer engagement.

Additionally, best practices for using a Twitter business account include having a professional profile, engaging with followers, and sharing valuable content relevant to your business.

With these tips in mind, you can now harness the power of Twitter to reach new heights for your business.