Hypefurry Vs Typefully - A Comprehensive Comparison

Hypefurry Vs Typefully - A Comprehensive Comparison
Hypefurry Vs Typefully

If you find yourself stuck, and unable to choose the right product for you, look no further. In this article, we’re comparing two of the demanded Twitter thread makers side by side to help you choose the right fit!

We will be comparing their features, similarities, drawbacks, and pricing!

What is Hypefurry?

For Twitter users, we now have social media automation management tools such as Hypefurry. With its simple but useful features, one can grow their Twitter presence as well as their following and help establish a brand!

What is Typefully?

Typefully is another one of these social media automated management tools, aimed toward the two popular social media, Instagram and Twitter. Similar to Hypefurry, this also helps you to grow your presence and manage your accounts with ease.

What are the features of Hypefurry and Typefully?

Typefully and Hypefurry share similar features such as Tweet Scheduling, Analytics, Multi-Accounts, Auto-Retweet and Auto-Plug, Inspiration Bank and so much more.

Let's dive into how they work, and which product has an edge.




Free Plan



Paid Plan

Starting from $19/month

Starting from $10/month

Tweet Scheduling






Multiple Accounts 

Yes, Including other social media accounts

Yes, but solely on Twitter

Supported Social Media Platforms

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram


Autosave Draft



Tweet Threads



Best time to post




Yes, Including LinkedIn, and Auto-post on Instagram

Yes, but exclusively on Twitter

Team Members



Post Templates


Only Writing Prompts

What's similar and why?

Hypefurry and Typefully both are Twitter are good Twitter automation tools, but here’s the catch, they both offer features that are similar, in this section of our blog, let's find out the similarities

Tweet Scheduling

One crucial element offered by both automation tools is their feature of scheduling tweets. You can schedule your tweets ahead of time. Scheduling your tweets at an optimized time when most of your followers are active will increase your growth. Just upload your tweets and it will automatically post them at the given time.


Analytics may be one of the most important tools for Twitter as this will help you view metrics. Both Hypefurry and Typefully offer in-depth metrics that help you see your engagements, impressions, link clicks, profile clicks, likes, replies, and more!

Multiple Accounts

Multiple accounts option is offered by the two platforms where you can add team members as well!
Although, Hypefurry goes a bit further and allows their users to add other social media accounts as well. However, adding a team member option on both platforms depends on your subscription plan.

Auto-Retweet and Auto-Plug

Users can automatically retweet and add tweets to a thread using Hypefury and Typefully. For better engagement, the auto-retweet feature retweets your best-performing tweet while the auto-plu feature allows you to plug your tweets into threads. This increases your engagement.

Hypefurry vs Typefully: what’s the difference?

Now that we have covered the similarities, let's dig into their differences.

Differences in their goal

For Typefully, their main goal is Twitter automation and growth. Hence why most often the time, we see their features be more focused on growing your Twitter presence
However, Hypefurry differs here by growing Twitter and more. Hypefurry focuses on increasing your visibility on not just Twitter but Instagram, Facebook, and more.


While Typefully offers you its core and only integration with Zapier, which allows you to automate and create the workflow between Twitter and other platforms.
Hypefurry allows you multiple integrations with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and OnlyFans and also allows API permit integration.


What to do when you don’t know what to tweet? Well, to solve that issue, Hypefurry provides inspiration and tweets from different categorized tweets.
However, Typefully only provides writing prompts and guidance to create tweets.

Tweet Notepad

Notepad is the interface where you write tweets on both platforms.
Typefully has written features such as auto-numbering, sharing drafts, etc.
But with Hypefurry you can share polls, send automatic direct messages, auto-share on other social media platforms and also save drafts!

Engagement Builder

Add at least two Twitter accounts that you want to engage your post with on Hypefurry with their engagement builder.

Typefully vs. Hypefurry Drawbacks

While both platforms are incredibly useful and have their benefits, they also have a few drawbacks that are worth a mention


  • Expensive: Most users make the primary complaint on the pricing of Hypefurry, as it starts from $19/month.
  • No Hashtag suggestions: One key feature in Twitter is the use of hashtags. Hypefurry lacks to suggest trending hashtags for better reach.


  • Twitter dependent:  As Typefully exclusively focuses on Twitter, it does not work with other social media platforms. Many requests have come to the surface by users to expand here.
  • Limitations on Free Account: To get maximized output from Typefully you will need to subscribe to their paid plans.

Let’s discuss Pricing!

Before subscribing to tools, compare the pricing to see what plan works best for you.
Below we’ll provide you with the pricing of both platforms.

Hypefurry Pricing

Typefully Pricing


While both automation tools are incredibly beneficial and flaunt some amazing features, your choice should depend on your needs.
If you’re looking to grow only your Twitter presence, you may want to lean towards Typefully as it focuses solely on Twitter and is the cheaper alternative.
However, if you’re looking to spread your social media presence on different platforms as well, my suggestion would be Hypefurry.

For users, looking for something similar but not with either Typefully or Hypefurry automation management tools. My suggestion lies with Tweetsy, it's another kind of the same nature tool that will help you grow your brand. The interface is extremely user-friendly and flaunts a budget-friendly subscription.