How to Find old Tweets on Twitter

How to Find old Tweets on Twitter
How to Find old Tweets on Twitter

You may want to find old tweets to research a specific topic, trend, or conversation that took place on Twitter in the past, or you may want to understand your audience better by analyzing your old tweets against your new tweets.

Whatever your reasons may be, you may find yourself stuck in trying to find your old tweets, so here is a blog to help you with just that!

We have two tried and tested methods for you to choose from

  1. Twitter’s advanced search
  2. Tweetsy Library

Let us find out how to find old tweets on Twitter!

How to Find old Tweets

Twitter has a search feature that is especially good for finding specific tweets.

Advanced search on Twitter is a very helpful and valuable tool, but not always visible. It can get very confusing for first-time users, but learning about the ins and outs of this tool will help you grow your Twitter presence faster!

  1. To start, you need to search for a specific term on the “Search bar” and click on it to search.
  2. When your search is complete, you will find three little dots, in the top right corner. Where a menu will open up. Press on the “Advanced search” option or from towards right, click on “Advanced Search
Tweet Search

Here you will find a pop-up menu, with all the options in the advanced search engine, such as:

  1. Words
  2. Accounts
  3. Filter
  4. Engagement
  5. Date
Twitter Advanced Search

From here you can find a plethora of tweets, containing specific words, hashtags, and certain sentences.

You can even find tweets sent by specific accounts, tweets sent by certain accounts mentioning other accounts, etc.

From the engagement option, you can even search for tweets with a certain amount of likes, retweets, and replies.

If you’re looking for tweets published on a specific date, the “dates” option is your go to.

Afraid that you’ll forget where the hidden button is?

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Twitter has a series of formulas, also known as search operators that you can directly paste on your Twitter search bar. Now you may wonder where you will find these formulas. Fear not, as we have provided a few popular formulas here for your convenience.

from: from:Tonmoy Anik It will show you all tweets posted by Tonmoy
since: since:year-month-date This will show you tweets since a certain date
until: until:year-month-date This will show you all the tweets until a certain date
lang: lang:en This will filter all tweets by language. Example, English
min_faves: min_faves: 80 This will filter tweets by the number of likes
min_retweets: min_retweets:80 This will filter tweets by the number of retweets.

Here’s an example containing a combination of these formulas!

Searching for a simpler way? Use


After arriving here, all you'll need to do is simply choose a category, and it will open up all the tweets listed in that specific category.


How to find old tweets on Twitter - Twitter is a wonderful way to stay up to date on current events and interact with friends and family.

However, if your Twitter account is not well-maintained, old tweets might rack up and pose as a roadblock to your efforts. Tweetsy allows you to easily locate tweets that may be used to improve your Twitter account.